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Education is the part of your life which is directed to personal development through study and practice. Our attention is directed on giving you knowledge and skills, necessary to the specialty you have chosen.

Highly qualificated teacher stuff of our college and individual support of every student guarantee success in learning. 

You all put before itself aims that wish to attain. And when arrive at a next result, in this moment triumph it is very important to share the gladness with surrounding people! We want to be together with you, be glad for you, be proud of Your successes and achievements!  

  • Did you find your advantages in distance education?
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  • Ready to learn remotely.

    In order to ensure the safety of life and health of students, teachers and staff, as well as to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, 140 teachers and 1802 students of INEUHC from March 16, 2020 switched to distance learning in the Personal Account educational system. A.
     The educational process is carried out in accordance with the approved training loads, a working curriculum, curricula, timetable and class schedule. Teachers are provided with the ability to work remotely. Educational materials and resources, including electronic educational and methodical complexes, are placed in the personal accounts of teachers and students. Teachers and students have access to electronic platforms and sources: video tutorials, self-help online work, chat classes, skype, MOODLE, zoom, email, WhatsApp chat, etc. The educational activities of students and teachers have been established and monitored. Information about the mode of work, changes in the educational process, the results of training is communicated daily to students and parents.

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  • Distance learning

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  • “Spring. Girls”

    Under this name, on the eve of March 8, students of the specialty “Design” organized a photo exhibition in the college (supervisor G. Karptsova).
     The nature that revives after a winter sleep, a scattering of beautiful flowers, a lot of sun, blue sky, warm breeze - this is the background of photographs. The main characters are girls, women, beautiful in their youth.
     Students organized the exhibition in a modern format - it is located in each recreation. The photo exhibition attracted the attention of not only the beautiful half of humanity, but also the male part of the college: beauty is fascinating.

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