Additional qualifications

College administration of  InEU with the aim to help college graduates in employment took the initiative to be included in the educational process of training courses where students have the opportunity to obtain additional qualifications to their primary function .

College graduates of InEU besides diplomas of technical and vocational education receive certificates providing them ample opportunities in the labor market . Thereby College prepares competitive specialists freely orientated in modern market economy.

In selecting additional qualifications college teachers focused on questions of regional organizations , the results of sociological research on demand and public order in these specialists today's in the job market . This list includes the following qualifications :

Speciality code and title

Name of qualification (course training)

0515000 "Management"

Program 1C: Trade and warehouse, wages, personnel.


0518000 Accounting and Auditing (by industry)


Program 1C: Trade and warehouse, wages, personnel.



0515000 "Finance"



Specialist in tax regulation

0201000 "Jurisprudence"


Secretary-clerk of the notary

Secretary-clerk of the court

0502000 "Translation Studies"


Translator, a spokesman(press-secretary)


 0111000 Basic secondary education (teacher of Kazakh language and literature)



1226000 Technology and the organization of production catering


0103000 "Physical education and sport"

Instructor of physical education in preschool institutions


0201000 "Law"

Secretary – clerk of the court


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